7+ Free Shopify Apps You Need to Install in 2024

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, leveraging the right tools and technology is crucial for the success of your online store. Shopify apps offer a wide range of functionalities to enhance your store’s performance and customer experience. From boosting conversion rates to improving customer loyalty, integrating the best Shopify apps into your store can have a significant impact on your business. Let’s explore the benefits and essential features of these apps that are must-haves for any ecommerce business looking to thrive in 2024.

What are the benefits of using Shopify apps for your ecommerce store?

Shopify apps play a pivotal role in enhancing various aspects of your ecommerce store’s operations. These apps are designed to streamline processes, optimize marketing efforts, and ultimately drive sales. One of the key benefits of using Shopify apps is their ability to boost conversion rates and increase customer engagement. By integrating apps that provide interactive and personalized shopping experiences, you can effectively encourage visitors to make a purchase.

How can Shopify apps help in boosting conversion rates?

Shopify apps offer features such as product recommendations, cart abandonment recovery, and streamlined checkout processes, all of which contribute to reducing friction in the buying journey and increasing conversion rates. By effectively utilizing these tools, store owners can capitalize on every opportunity to convert visitors into paying customers.

Which free Shopify apps are best for social media integration?

Social media integration is essential for engaging with your audience and driving traffic to your online store. Shopify apps like Social Photos and Instagram Shop enable seamless integration of your store with popular social media platforms, allowing you to showcase your products and connect with potential customers effectively.

How do Shopify apps contribute to upselling and cross-selling?

Upselling and cross-selling are proven strategies for increasing the average order value and maximizing sales. Shopify apps like Bold Upsell and Cross-Sell provide customizable offers and product recommendations, empowering store owners to promote complementary items and upgrades to customers, ultimately boosting sales.

How to choose the best Shopify apps for email marketing?

Email marketing is a cornerstone of ecommerce success, and selecting the right Shopify apps for this purpose is critical. When evaluating email marketing apps, it’s essential to consider features that support automated campaigns, personalized content, and robust analytics to measure the effectiveness of your email strategies.

What are the essential features to look for in email marketing Shopify apps?

Effective email marketing apps should offer advanced segmentation capabilities, A/B testing, and integration with customer data to deliver targeted and relevant content to subscribers. Additionally, seamless integration with the Shopify platform ensures that store owners can leverage customer insights and purchase history to create impactful email campaigns.

Which Shopify apps offer effective cart abandonment solutions?

Reducing cart abandonment is a priority for ecommerce businesses, and Shopify apps such as Recart and Klaviyo Abandoned Cart Recovery provide automated follow-up emails and personalized incentives to win back customers who have abandoned their carts, effectively recovering potentially lost sales.

How to leverage Shopify apps to build and grow your email list?

Building a robust email list is fundamental for sustained customer engagement and revenue generation. Shopify apps like Privy and Omnisend offer features such as pop-up forms, exit-intent triggers, and customizable banners to capture visitor emails and expand your subscriber base.

What are the top Shopify apps for improving customer experience and loyalty?

Delivering exceptional customer experience and fostering loyalty are essential for the long-term success of any ecommerce store. Shopify apps can help in providing seamless customer support, showcasing social proof, and implementing effective loyalty programs to nurture and retain a loyal customer base.

Which free Shopify apps provide reliable customer support solutions?

Customer support is a critical aspect of the ecommerce experience, and apps like Gorgias and Tidio Live Chat enable store owners to offer real-time assistance, resolve queries, and build strong relationships with customers, thereby enhancing their overall experience.

How do Shopify apps help in showcasing social proof and product reviews?

Social proof and customer reviews play a significant role in influencing purchase decisions. Shopify apps such as Yotpo and Loox provide robust tools for collecting and displaying authentic customer reviews and testimonials, instilling confidence in prospective buyers and ultimately driving conversions.

What are the best Shopify apps for creating loyalty programs and discounts?

Encouraging repeat purchases and rewarding customer loyalty is made simpler with Shopify apps like Smile: Rewards & Loyalty and LoyaltyLion, which offer customizable loyalty programs, referral incentives, and exclusive discounts to incentivize and retain loyal customers.

How to integrate Shopify apps for dropshipping and optimizing the checkout process?

For ecommerce businesses engaged in dropshipping, leveraging the right Shopify apps is crucial for seamless order fulfillment and optimizing the checkout process to ensure a frictionless buying experience for customers. Additionally, integrating live chat for customer engagement can further enhance the overall shopping experience.

What are the must-have Shopify apps for dropshipping businesses?

Dropshipping businesses can benefit from apps like Oberlo and Modalyst, which facilitate effortless product sourcing and seamless order management, simplifying the complexities of inventory and logistics associated with dropshipping models.

How can Shopify apps help in optimizing the checkout process for better conversion?

The checkout process is a critical juncture in the customer journey, and Shopify apps such as Shipway and One-Click Checkout offer streamlined and optimized checkout experiences with features like multi-currency support, custom branding, and one-click purchasing to reduce friction and drive conversions.

Which free Shopify apps are ideal for live chat and customer engagement?

Effective customer engagement and support can be achieved through apps such as Tidio Live Chat and Gorgias, enabling real-time interactions, personalized assistance, and resolving queries promptly to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Exploring the best Shopify apps for 2024 and their impact on store owners

As we delve into 2024, the landscape of ecommerce and online retail continues to evolve, and the role of Shopify apps in driving store performance cannot be overstated. The year 2024 presents an array of remarkable Shopify apps offering innovative features and functionalities designed to empower store owners and elevate the overall online shopping experience.

What are the key features to look for in the best Shopify apps for 2024?

The best Shopify apps for 2024 should offer advanced automation capabilities, robust SEO tools, and seamless integration with emerging sales channels, enabling store owners to adapt to changing consumer behaviors and market trends more effectively.

How can these apps help in increasing sales and boosting online store performance?

By harnessing the power of advanced analytics, personalized marketing automation, and seamless customer engagement tools, the best Shopify apps can drive higher conversion rates, increase average order values, and ultimately enhance the overall performance of online stores, translating into tangible revenue growth.

What are the most customizable and versatile free Shopify apps available in 2024?

In 2024, store owners have access to a myriad of free Shopify apps offering extensive customization options and versatile functionalities. These apps empower store owners to tailor their online stores, marketing strategies, and customer engagement efforts to suit their unique business needs and goals, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and innovation.

7+ Best Free Shopify Apps 2024 To Increase E-commerce Sales

For any e-commerce business, time holds the most value. Relying on efficient tools can significantly help a business not only improve their working, but also help in exploring new avenues that businesses might not be able to otherwise.

Here are some of the best Shopify apps available for free on the Shopify app store:

1. Omnisend – Email Marketing

Omnisend is a highly used email marketing tool and one of the best free Shopify apps you can explore for your e-commerce. The tool has a full suite of features such as sending personalized emails to reduce cart abandonment and more features required for an effective email marketing campaign.

Even though its free plan offers limited functions, it includes up to 500 emails per month, free email templates, pre-built workflows, and complete customer support.

2. Tagshop – Shoppable Instagram & UGC

Nowadays, businesses are pro-social media, investing greatly in content creation and collaborations. However, utilizing this content efficiently is a major loophole that businesses face.  WIth Tagshop, users can easily utilize social content by collecting it, curating it and turning it into shoppable.

Tagshop allows users to integrate the collected content compellingly into various e-commerce touchpoints like homepage and product pages. The tool offers a forever free plan with basic features for e-commerce businesses.

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3. Growave – Loyalty and Wishlist

Growave is a versatile e-commerce tool on Shopify that offers loyalty, referral, and wishlist functionality. The tool can be managed easily from a single dashboard without requiring coding.

The tool has multiple plans for businesses – including a free plan that provides limited yet effective features. With Growave, tools can acquire more customers organically through referral programs, photo and review collection, and more!

4. Tidio – Chat Support

Customer support is a crucial part of maintaining a synergy between customers and brands. Having an efficient tool that can support businesses in communicating effectively with their customers is nothing short of a necessity.

Tidio is a live chat tool that offers a forever free plan to users providing live chat support, chatbots and ticketing functionalities.

5. Privy – Pop-ups & Notifications

Email marketing is a significant marketing strategy that can undisputedly improve brand awareness, visibility and revenue. Privy is a popular tool offering brilliant email and SMS marketing features, allowing users to design different types of emails – newsletters, welcome mails, etc.

Privy’s free plan offers basic features like unlimited pop-ups, Shopify coupons and expert onboarding. The tool is perfect for e-commerce businesses looking to include email marketing in their strategy.

6. DSers – Dropshipping

DSers is a dropshipping app for Shopify built to work with AliExpress. The platform offers a free forever plan for Shopify users and offers features like bulk ordering, basic mapping, and store management.

With DSers, you can streamline dropshipping, find suppliers, and instantly import products. The tool is one of the best free apps for Shopify, helping automate order fulfillment and offering features like bulk processing and real-time order tracking.

7. Avada – SEO & Image Optimization

Avada is a free SEO and image optimization tool that supports users in easily enhancing their business’s digital marketing efforts. With Avada, users can boost website and page speed, improve website vitals and optimize SEO rankings.

The tool is an excellent addition for e-commerce businesses and one of the best free apps for your Shopify business to improve your SEO effortlessly.

8. Recharge Subscriptions

Recharge Subscriptions is an industry-leading subscription app on Shopify that offers users the opportunity to build better customer journeys through its seamless features.

The tool helps businesses set up revenue-generating subscription plans, manage customer accounts, and handle recurring payments. With Recharge, businesses can create product bundles and offer a unified checkout to create a fully immersive experience.

9. BeProfit

Having a clear picture of your business’s ups and downs, profits and losses, and overall financial activities is a necessity for e-commerce success. With BeProfit, businesses can keep track of profits from sales, track discounts, and shipping profitability.

BeProfit is a must-have tool and one of the best free apps for your Shopify business to profit most from your business with its personalized expense management insights.

How To Choose The Right App For Your Ecommerce?

Even though there are uncountable apps available on Shopify for e-commerce businesses, not every application can be suitable for your specific business needs.

Here are some factors businesses should consider before choosing a tool for their e-commerce business.

1. Check the tool’s compatibility with your store

Ensure that your Shopify app is compatible with your e-commerce store. Many platforms may have different technical requirements and integrations. Confirm that the app seamlessly integrates with your existing system to avoid compatibility issues that could disrupt your operations.

2. Know your business requirements

Layout your business needs and requirements before choosing an app. Identify features and functionalities that will streamline your tasks and contribute to the growth of your e-commerce business. Whether it’s inventory management, payment processing, or marketing tools, a thorough understanding of your requirements will help you select the right app.

3. How good is the return on your investment

Evaluate the return on investment (ROI) offered by the app. Consider the cost of the app in comparison with the benefits it brings to your business. Assess short-term and long-term benefits, factoring in increased efficiency, sales growth, and customer satisfaction. This analysis will help you determine the app’s true value for your business.

4. Check the reviews and ratings

Research and read reviews from other users who have experience with the app. Ratings and feedback provide insights into the app’s performance, reliability, and user satisfaction. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to understand potential strengths and weaknesses. This information is invaluable in deciding whether the app aligns with your business goals and expectations.


Shopify is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms globally with over 7000 apps listed. Each app on the platform has something unique to offer however what’s best for your business might be subjective.

In this article we have discussed 10 best free apps for your Shopify business. Some apps offer more features than the others while others offer better ROI in comparison. The key lies in aligning the app’s capabilities with your specific business requirements.

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