Best niches for shopify print on demand in 2023

There are various things to consider once you’ve made the decision to establish a POD business or maybe just an online store. And the first important step is to find out which is the best Shopify print on demand niches to sell.

Your product niche ideas are one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. Essentially, you must break free from the overcrowded online retail sector and set yourself out from a slew of competitors.

You’re saying to yourself, “I offer something unique, something distinct, and something useful” by choosing a unique niche market. And it’s not as laborious as it appears—in fact, going through the process may be rather enjoyable!

So, how do you go about doing it? Let’s take a closer look…

What is the Shopify print-on-demand niche?

The term ‘niche’ can be used to describe any type of specialized information. Print on demand product niche ideas, on the other hand, are the specific set of products that appeal to a specific consumer group.

Shopify print on demand

  • Product type (for example, trucker hats)
  • Product category (for example, beachwear)
  • Product aesthetics (for example, minimalism)
  • Product purpose (for example, traveling)
  • A combination of subcategories (ex: minimalist travel gear).

Looking for the top Shopify print on demand niches? The truth is that launching a print on demand (POD) business can be profitable if you choose the correct products and place to sell them.

To put it another way, you don’t need to compete with the big businesses when you can carve out your own niche, dominate it, and scale it.

However, if you don’t have clear marketing strategies and a large ad budget to drive traffic, choosing a popular niche with a lot of prospective consumers isn’t going to be profitable.

Depending on your type of online store & target market, a niche might be very broad or very small.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but your best product niche will mostly be determined by the type of retail store you want to open, your digital marketing skills, how much you want to develop your firm and how in-depth your niche investment.

The low competition niche for print on demand looks different for everyone, but experienced print on demand sellers will rely on trustworthy data to establish their specialty.

Fortunately, you can use some free niche research tools for print on demand stool to identify product categories with great niches for selling online that are:

  • Selling well on the marketplaces now
  • Having a sizeable monthly search volume
  • Having low competition
  • Appealing to a large audience
  • High-margin print on demand products

You may then combine the metrics above with other factors like your expertise, marketing budget, competitor analysis, and techniques to find the best print on demand ideas that will bring you to the profitable print on demand niches.

Why should you niche down for Shopify print on demand?

Let’s take the pet niche for example. This niche targets a large and broad audience of the niche audience who love pets. Competition is very high with countless products.

To strategically make your Shopify store appealing to customers among thousands of stores, you should niche down for your Shopify print-on-demand store.

Let’s take a closer look at the reason why you should start with pod niche for your shopify print on demand stores:

Setting yourself different from the competition

If every single store sells the same niche, how can they compete? Their specializations are presented in different ways to attract different people, which is the answer.

For example, a shirt with cats is more appealing to women because of the colors and whimsical art, whereas a shirt with lions is more appealing to males because of the intensity of the lions.

Having the ability to justify the price

While the POD designs can help justify a higher price, targeting a specific niche to customers who can afford the higher price is more effective.

The same strategy is used by It’s an approach comparable to that of high-end automobile makers. They don’t advertise to the general public on television because they know that the people who can afford their fancy cars aren’t sitting on the couch watching television.

Try to figure out who your niche’s ideal consumer is and reach a larger audience!

More focused connect to the audience

This concentrated connection requires less effort on your part, and being more consistent with your items and branding helps people recognize that your store is for them.

You may appeal to them more easily with your chosen niche than with an unfocused POD store with various designs that merely appear interesting.

When it comes to pets, however, there are a lot of creatures to choose from, including dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, insects, fish, and so on, to appeal to everyone who enjoys pets – that’s a lot! This is why niches can be narrowed down to a specific market segment.

Instead of all pets, you can concentrate solely on dogs. Or you can even focus on a certain type of dog-like pugs. You may always narrow down and grow later, which is a useful suggestion.

Google Trends is a better approach to assessing how popular a particular niche is and based on this tool, you might find the best niches for Shopify print on demand!

Let’s imagine you’ve decided to specialize in animal-related products. Because animals are such a broad topic, you’ll almost certainly include pets like cats and dogs.

You can use Google Trends to check which animal is the most popular, use this for your main keyword to improve search results & search engine optimization.

As can be seen, dogs are searched significantly more than cats. This suggests that you should put more effort into dog product listings than cat designs. Due to relevant conditions such as the pandemic, niches on trends such as the face mask might become quite popular.

How to define the best niche for Shopify print on demand?

If you’re having trouble deciding on a niche for your store, this part can help. It will comprise the best print-on-demand ideas for this year. Let’s not waste any more time and start your creative juices flowing!

The first step is you should look at Google & platform trends for inspiration. Scroll through the recommendations page by page to locate the ideal niches for your Shopify print on demand business, writing down the sub-niches that interest you the most. You can make a table based on the many sorts of Print on Demand Products.

Google trending is the most helpful tool that you can not miss when doing research for new ideas or products.

To see more best selling products at the moment, you can directly go to the eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Etsy or Amazone to find what are the popular products and you might find some niches that you can dig into.

You shouldn’t sell everything when you’re first starting out with your POD store. Choose 3 or 4 potential niches from your research list in which you have skills and knowledge.

What Should You Do With Niche Research Based on Data?

You can use the above information to develop print on demand products to sell on Shopify and other platforms such as Etsy, WooCommerce, and Print on Demand firms after using our spy tools to uncover fantastic niches and products ideas for your Print on Demand.

To get more details, you can read our blog on  how to define the best niche for print on demand.

Which is the best niche for Shopify print on demand?

Using some trends tool (or spy tool), you can find best-selling POD products to sell on Shopify. Shopify makes selling a breeze as you can easily connect with POD service apps to fulfill your orders, so you won’t have to lift a finger.

With Shopify Print on Demand, you can take advantage of Shopify’s robust features including, analytics, customer profiles, and social selling.

You should always keep an eye on current trends and push new print on demand products on your Shopify store, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned print on demand store owner.

There is the best niche list that you can have a look at, here are 6 detailed things for you to consider in 2023:

Animals & Pets

People are spending an increasing amount of money on their pets, resulting in a significant market for animal-related products, particularly those with dog and cat themes.

Newcomers might think that niche markets like this are all about pampering pets with personalized clothes, toys, and bowls. That is, without a doubt, a significant portion of the market, but it is just half of the story.

The products with pet arts are one of the potential niche pet-related print on demand sales: people are now buying pet-related clothes, art, and ornaments for themselves!

  • Custom Keychain
    Print on demand Blanket & Quilt
    Custom Ornaments

Pets are a popular Shopify specialty, as the number of people who own pets continues to rise.

Furthermore, pet owners always like products with a “cute pets image” and they are eager to spend money on them. This includes everything from their food, which they will require on a regular basis, to clothes and other accessories.

Activism and Social Causes

People are actively looking for clothing that allows them to visibly communicate their beliefs and show support for their cause or “being in a team.”

That implies that if you’re a supporter of a certain cause or simply want to promote your own point of view to a bigger audience, there are a plethora of profitable print on demand products available to you.

This market provides a lot of room for creative designs. Even if you’re not courageous enough to delve into more edgy terrain, there’s enough stuff to work with!

Veganism is a large and growing movement with a lot of room for unique and inspiring slogans and graphics.

Environmentalism is a current topic that has a wide appeal. To thrive here, you’ll need a narrow focus, such as contaminated oceans or endangered wildlife.

On the other hand, it’s true that politics and general outrage can generate a lot of traffic and engagement. On the other hand, for many people, this is a controversial area to enter. This one should be approached with caution!

Families and Relationships

This niche has a strong emotional component that helps drive sales; they’re typically purchased as gifts; and they’re frequently associated with a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, or holiday.

In addition to the combinations of families, the relationship niche allows for other sub-niche combinations:

  • Mother to daughter
  • Nephew to uncle
  • Father to son
  • Grandmother to grandson
  • Husband to wife

Jobs and Hobby-Related

Many people are quite enthusiastic about their hobbies, and they are eager to flaunt their passions by wearing hobby-specific t-shirts and other apparel.

Products in job-related Shopify print on demand niches are usually purchased as a present. People enjoy purchasing gifts for their friends and coworkers that include statements and images connected to their jobs.

The career or hobby niche allows you to use keyword groups to build phrases that appeal to specific groups, such as nurses, plumbers, lawyers, teachers, and military personnel.

There are hundreds of employment roles you can develop products around. in some dropshipping niches, such as the military, you can even build an entire business around them.

Events and Special Occasions

The most profitable market for print on demand items is without a doubt events and special occasions. Consider the annual revenue generated by the following seasonal events:

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Spring Break
  • Soccer World Cup
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St. Patrick’s Day

A minus of special anniversaries and yearly events is that you’ll tend to earn a lot of sales in a short period of time and then spend the rest of the year planning for next year’s occasion. Many vendors prefer this business strategy, although it can be tough for newbies to master.

Home Living

Digital nomads and remote work have become increasingly popular in recent years. As Covid-19 regulations made working from home was necessary for the vast majority of people, demand for home office equipment skyrocketed.

And, unfortunately, remote work does not appear to be going away anytime soon. According to a recent survey, 74% of employers want to keep at least some of their employees remote once the pandemic is gone.

As a result, this could be an excellent time to enter the home office equipment market.

There are a lot of ideas that you can explore in home & living so just have a quick look at our catalog and find out which is the best niche for your Shopify print on demand business.

What is the next step after finding a niche?

Now you have known exactly which niche to target, it’s time to turn your ideas into real products. In order to do that, you will need help from print on demand services.

On-demand printing, often known as Print on Demand or POD, is an eCommerce paradigm in which a product is printed only when an order is verified. You won’t have to pay anything upfront, and you’ll save money on stock maintenance.

Doing something on your own is now prohibitively expensive and unsustainable. TeeSpring, Printify, Merchize and Printful, for example, are Print on Demand services. We are in charge of custom printing and order delivery to the consumer.

As a seller, your sole responsibility is to locate the best-selling POD products, choose a POD fulfillment service, create your own designs, publish them on your shop, and begin promoting.

Merchize Print on demand Shopify integration offers a complete Print on Demand solution for your company. Your sole responsibility is to produce appealing designs, incorporate them into high-quality items, and sell them on your Shopify site.

The remainder, including printing, storage, and shipment, will be handled by Shopify’s POD service like Merchize. With Shopify’s Print on Demand apps, you can cut down on initial costs and workload while dramatically increasing your revenue.

Even if you have no prior experience, the finest Shopify print on demand software can make running your business a snap. Keep the following in mind when selecting the finest Shopify app for print on demand:

  • Free to use – If you’re a novice, free print on demand Shopify apps are a good way to cut costs.
  • A good product selection – the finest Shopify print on demand apps allow you to sell at least 100 different things (clothing, homeware, pet products, smartphone cases, etc.).
  • No inventory investment – You must be able to start a print on demand business or expand an existing one with no inventory investment.
  • Free fulfillment and storage – this is a print-on-demand service. Without your assistance, the Shopify service should manage inventory and fulfill orders.
  • Fast product delivery time — Because a print on demand company needs to make speedy deliveries, look for apps that enable fulfillment, shipping, and delivery times of 3 to 7 days.

Launch your new POD business with Shopify

You’re ready to get down to business now that you’ve completed your homework.
Choosing Product Niches is the first step toward a successful Print on Demand campaign. After that, you’ll need to open a store.

Shopify store

It’s crucial to remember, though, that real sales may take a month or more to appear, so be patient — good things take time.

Create Your Own Print on Demand Business with Merchize

Merchize helps you to bring your designs into reality and, of course profitable products. Get 20% off for your sample order now.


Once you have worked out the best print on demand Shopify niches, you can go all out and make your business bloom.

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