Top Best Shopify Spy Tools for Dropshipping

In the ever-growing world of e-commerce, having the right tools to spy on your competitors can make a substantial difference in the success of your dropshipping business. Understanding the market and identifying winning products are key to achieving a competitive edge. In this article, we will delve into the best ways to spy on Shopify stores, the top Shopify spy tools, competitor analysis for dropshipping, using Shopify spy tools for dropshipping, and the available free Shopify spy tools and plans for 2023.

Spy on Shopify Stores

Ways to Spy on Shopify

When it comes to spying on Shopify stores, there are various methods to acquire insights into your competitors’ strategies. One approach is to use dedicated Shopify spy tools that enable you to analyze the performance, traffic sources, and customer engagement of your competitors’ online stores. Additionally, conducting keyword research to identify the top-ranking products in your niche can provide valuable information for your own store.

Tools to Spy on Competitors

To effectively spy on your competitors, utilizing specialized tools designed for Shopify spying is crucial. These tools allow you to track product trends, monitor pricing strategies, and keep tabs on your competition’s advertising efforts. The insights gained from these tools can inform your own marketing and product selection tactics, ultimately giving you an edge in the dropshipping arena.

Successful Shopify Store Spying

Successful spying on Shopify stores involves a combination of keen observation and utilizing the right tools. By understanding the best ways to spy on your competitors and staying updated with the latest market trends, you can adapt your strategies to meet the evolving demands of your target audience. This continual analysis and adjustment can lead to a successful and sustainable e-commerce venture.

Best Shopify Spy Tools

Top Shopify Spy Apps

Several top-rated Shopify spy apps are available in the market, offering comprehensive functionalities to help store owners monitor their competition. These apps provide in-depth insights into various aspects of competitors’ stores, including their product offerings, marketing efforts, and customer engagement metrics.

Free Shopify Spy Tools

For those looking to explore the world of Shopify spying without committing to a paid tool, free Shopify spy tools offer a convenient entry point. While some free tools have limitations compared to their paid counterparts, they still provide valuable data to help you understand the competitive landscape and make informed decisions for your dropshipping business.

Chrome Extension for Shopify Spy

One of the most convenient ways to integrate spying capabilities into your browser is through a Chrome extension for Shopify spying. These extensions enable you to quickly access competition data while browsing various Shopify stores, allowing for real-time analysis of their strategies and offerings.

Competitor Analysis for Dropshipping

Spying on Competitors’ Winning Products

Identifying and analyzing winning products in your niche is crucial for staying ahead in the dropshipping market. By spying on your competitors’ successful products, you can gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, pricing strategies, and marketing tactics that resonate with your target audience.

Facebook Ad Spy for Shopify

Facebook ad spy tools tailored for Shopify can provide comprehensive visibility into your competitors’ advertising campaigns on the popular social media platform. Understanding their ad creatives, targeting strategies, and engagement metrics can help shape your own advertising endeavors for maximum impact.

Research Tools for Shopify Competitors

Utilizing research tools specifically designed for Shopify competitors allows you to delve deeper into their store metrics, customer interactions, and overall performance. These tools provide a holistic view of your competitors’ e-commerce strategies, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your own store.

Using Shopify Spy Tools for Dropshipping

Utilizing Shopify Spying for Dropshipping

The integration of Shopify spy tools into your dropshipping business can significantly enhance your competitive intelligence and decision-making processes. By leveraging these tools, you can continuously adapt your product offerings, pricing models, and marketing strategies to stay aligned with market dynamics and customer preferences.

Discovering Best Selling Products on Shopify

Through strategic use of Shopify spy tools, you can uncover best-selling products on the platform, gaining valuable insights into high-demand items that can drive the success of your own online store. Understanding the top-performing products in your niche enables you to tailor your inventory and marketing efforts for maximum impact.

Adopting Shopify Spy for Your Dropshipping Store

Adopting Shopify spy tools as an integral part of your dropshipping strategy equips you with critical competitive intelligence and market insights. By closely monitoring your competitors’ activities and leveraging the findings to refine your own approach, you can position your store for sustainable growth and success in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Free Shopify Spy Tools and Plans

Available Free Trials and Plans for Shopify Spy

Many Shopify spy tool providers offer free trials and entry-level plans, allowing store owners to experience the capabilities of these tools before committing to a paid subscription. These trial periods enable you to assess the suitability of the tools for your business needs and make an informed decision about their long-term use.

Exploring Free Shopify Spy Tools for 2023

With the constantly evolving e-commerce landscape, it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest free Shopify spy tools available for 2023. Exploring these tools can provide valuable insights into emerging trends, innovative functionalities, and enhanced capabilities that can benefit your dropshipping business.

Choosing the Best Free Shopify Spy Tool

When considering free Shopify spy tools, it’s important to assess the range of features, data accuracy, and ease of use offered by each tool. By comparing various options and understanding their suitability for your specific business goals, you can choose the best free Shopify spy tool to support your competitive analysis and strategic decision-making.

Our Favorite The Tools to Spy on Shopify Stores

1. is a powerful Shopify spy tool. It’s super easy to use and would suit dropshipping businesses of all sizes.

You can track Shopify stores and view product sales and revenue over time. You can also spy on the store’s theme, ads, and social media. There is both a web app and a Chrome extension. You can use the web app to track and search for stores and the Chrome extension to spy on the go.

As well as a sales tracking tool, also has a product research feature and a competitor research tool. You can use these to find profitable products and find out who you’re competing with. has tons of other helpful tools, including dropshipping calculators, a training university, and an interactive community.

Features and Tools

Paid Tools:

  • Product Database – The Product Database is a product research tool. It allows you to spy on other stores and see which products they’re selling to find those with potential. You can see how much revenue they’re generating in real-time.
    Sales Tracker – You can add Shopify stores to your own Sales Tracker. The Sales Tracker gives you tons of information on each Shopify store. You can see their sales, store creation date, store theme, apps, ads, and much more.
  • Competitor Research – Find your competitors instantly. You can add a keyword, and the Competitor Research tool will find all the other stores with that keyword in their product title. You can use this tool to find your competition and work out how to beat them.
  • Portfolio – We do the product research for you. Every Monday, we’ll send up to 40 products we think have the potential for success.
  • Chrome Extension – View the revenue, best-sellers, and lots more information as you visit other Shopify stores. You can also import products from the store directly to your Shopify store in one click.

Free Tools:

  • Interest Explorer – Find hidden Facebook interests to identify low-competition interests.
  • Numbers Breakdown – Enter your numbers to better understand your product standing and how you can make improvements.
  • CPA Calculator – Work out what your cost per acquisition is by entering your cost per click and conversion rate.
  • ROAS Calculator – You can calculate your return on ad spend by entering your cost per acquisition and average order value.
  • BEROAS Calculator – This calculator will show you what the break-even return on ad spend is when you enter your product selling price and product cost.

Price and Plans

You can access the free tools without signing up or subscribing to a paid plan.

If you do want to access the premium tools, you will need a paid plan.

We currently have a 7-day trial that allows you to test the premium tools for free.

Dropship currently offers three paid plans.

  • Basic – $29 per month, or $19 per month when paid annually
  • Standard – $49 per month, or $29 per month when paid annually
  • Premium – $79 per month, or $49 per month when paid annually

You have access to all of the features on all of the plans. The difference between the plans is that the number of searches you can do and the stores and products you can track increase as you upgrade.

2. UniSpy

UniSpy is a Google Chrome extension.

It works on all Shopify stores with less than 5000 products listed.

You can open the Shopify store you want to analyze, and it will populate the store’s details. You can view sales details, traffic, ads, apps, and products.

Features and Tools

  • Products – View the store’s catalog, product price, when the product was added, and the last time it sold.
  • Traffic – Find out who visits the store, where they’re from, and their source.
  • Apps – See which apps are installed for the Shopify store.
  • Ads – You can view any ads the store is running using Facebook ads.
  • Sales – View the sales a store is making, the best-selling products, and live orders.

Price and Plans

UniSpy has two plans.

  • Free
  • Pro – $39.99 per month, or you can choose to join a quarterly or annual subscription for a discount.

The free plan gives you access to Shopify stores’ products and apps.

To view sales, best-sellers, live sales, traffic, and ads, you need a Pro plan.

3. Shop Hunter

Shop Hunter is a Shopify sales tracker tool. You can see the sales, revenue, sales velocity, shops theme, and apps used.

It’s an easy-to-use tool with a personalized dashboard. The dashboard keeps you up to date by showing any news on the stores you’re tracking.

You can use the tools to spy on your competition and find new products.

Features and Tools

  • Top Lists – Shop Hunter presents the top-selling products and stores. This can help you find new product ideas.
  • Store Sales Tracker – Track the sales of Shopify stores.

Price and Plans

Shop Hunter is a paid platform. But there is a free trial currently available, so you can test out the platform before joining a subscription.

There are three plans available.

  • Starter+ – $50 per month
  • Professional – $75 per month
  • Enterprise – $250 per month

The three plans give you access to all of the features. As you upgrade your plan, the number of stores you can track and amount of top performers you can see increases.

4. Commerce Inspector

Commerce Inspector has a browser extension and web app.

The Chrome extension shows the best sellers, recent product launches, and apps used by a Shopify store.

With a paid plan you can reveal sales data, monthly store visitors and traffic insights, and when products are launched.

Commerce Inspector also has a dropshipping blog with tons of helpful information.

Features and Tools

  • Chrome Extension – There is a free Chrome extension to analyze basic data on Shopify stores.
  • Sales Data – View the estimated units sold and revenue generated.
  • Best-Selling Products – You can view the best-selling products of a store. This is great for identifying new products for your own store.
  • Search by Product – Commerce Inspector has a catalog of stores and products that you can search through to find your competition and winning product ideas.


Commerce Inspector has a free Chrome extension and four paid plans.

  • Start Plan – $49 per month or $29 per month when paid annually
  • Grow Plan – $99 per month or $59 per month when paid annually
  • Scale Plan – $249 per month or $149 per month when paid annually
  • Conquer – $499 per month or $299 per month when paid annually

The free Chrome extension gives you limited data on Shopify stores.

The paid plans give you access to a web app with unlimited data. The tools are the same for all of the plans. The difference between the plans is the number of stores you have unlimited data to.


UUSPY is a free Chrome extension that allows you to spy on Shopify stores.

You can open any Shopify store and view tons of sales data to help you find profitable products and track your competition.

Features and Tools

  • Best Sellers – View your competition’s Shopify store’s best-selling products.
  • Sales Performance – You can see the sales volume and orders placed with the live tracker.
  • Theme and Shop Details – Check other details, like shop name, theme, and when the latest products were launched on any Shopify store.

Price and Plans

UUSPY is a free tool. There are no paid upgrade options.


PPSPY is a product research tool that allows you to track sales of Shopify stores. You can also see the latest products launched by a store, their ad channels, any tags, and the store’s theme.

You can use the product or shop explorer to find your competition and search for new product ideas.

Features and Tools

  • Sales Tracking – Check the revenue and products sold by any Shopify store.
  • Product and Shop Explorer – Search for a store or product using filters or keywords.
  • Traffic Research – Analyze stores by their monthly traffic and traffic sources.
  • One Product Store – Find Shopify stores that only list one product. This is a great way to find dropshipping store ideas.
  • Store Theme – Check which theme a Shopify store is using.

Price and Plans

There are four paid plans available. All of the plans have access to the same tools, but the limits and access increase as the plans increase in price.

  • Basic – $19.9 per month or $13.92 per month when paid annually
  • Advanced – $39.9 per month or $27.92 per month when paid annually
  • Unlimited – $99 per month or $69.25 per month when paid annually
  • Enterprise – $299 per month or $208.33 per month when paid annually

7. Shopify Scraper

Shopify Scraper is a tool that allows you to export product data from any Shopify store to a CSV file.

You can then import the file onto your Shopify account.

This will create product listings quickly and easily for your own store.

Features and Tools

  • Export Products – You can export products for Shopify and WooComerce by collection or by specific products. You can also choose to include the product links and to show the product details.

Price and Plans

Shopify Scraper has two plans.

  • Free
  • Premium – $19.99 per month

The free plan only allows you to export 160 products.

The Premium plan allows you to export product links and products for Shopify and WooCommerce. You can also search and select the specified collections or products to export.

8. Koala Inspector

Koala Inspector is one of the most well-known Shopify spy tools.

It’s a Google Chrome extension that works with Shopify stores. It does not reveal specific sales information but does show best-selling products.

The extension shows the store’s structure, traffic sources, ad campaigns, and much more.

You can also select specific products in a Shopify store and use Koala Inspector to find suppliers.

Features and Tools

  • App and Theme Finder – See which apps and theme a Shopify store is using.
  • Best Sellers – View the best-selling products in the store.
  • Traffic – See where the site’s traffic is coming from and their monthly visits.
  • Ads – View any ad campaigns the store is running.

Price and Plans

Koala Inspector has three plans available.

  • Free
  • Professional – $7.99 per month
  • Ultimate – $19.99 per month

The free plan includes all of the features except shop tracking. It also has the most restrictive credit limit.

The Professional plan includes all of the features and has higher credit limits.

The Ultimate plan has unlimited credits on all features except shop tracking, which is limited to 50.

Final Thoughts

Spy tools all offer different tools and features. Look for one that meets your needs and fits your budget.

You can check out a few options that suit you using free trials. Then, once you test out the platform, you can join a paid plan.

There are also a few free Google Chrome extensions, like Koala Inspector and Commerce Inspector, that allow you to spy on your competition’s Shopify stores as you browse.

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