Winning dropshipping products: What does it mean?

Winning Dropshipping Products | What does it mean?

Alright, before we get started with all the things you can look at to see if a product could be a winning product or not, it’s important to know what a winning dropshipping product is.

So, what is it?

Winning products are products that your target audience loves and sell like crazy.

These products will give you the confidence to keep going, and it’s unlikely you will give up on your dropshipping store after you’re seeing sales popping in.

This all might seem really easy right now, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. It takes time and effort to succeed with dropshipping! And last but not least, you need to keep on going, even though every piece of your body is telling you can’t do it and you need to quit.

Below you will find all the factors that you can look at to see if a product could be a winning product. I also included some product examples in this article to show you what I mean with each factor, but if you want more examples, I suggest reading the article I’ve linked below.

16 Winning Dropshipping Product Examples | Inspiration for 2023!

Don’t forget that a product doesn’t need to be positive for all these factors below, but it’s nice if your product has more than one winning product factor!

Also, this guide is to show you what factors a winning product has – it even has some product examples – but this isn’t a guide to help you find winning products (doing product research).

I found these dropshipping product examples with my favorite product research tool, Sell The Trend. If you’re interested, then you can click here for a 7-day free trial, or you can click here to read my full review of Sell The Trend!

If you want to learn how to find products for your dropshipping store first, before reading this article, then I suggest clicking here to read my full guide on finding winning dropshipping products.

So, are you ready to find out what options you have when spotting a winning product?

If so, let’s go!

Winning dropshipping products: What factors are there to spot them?

I’ve got 9 factors for you below to spot your next winning dropshipping product!

Are you ready to learn how to spot your next winning dropshipping product?

1) The product has the “wow” factor

A product that has the “wow” factor that takes your attention.

The product is unique or mind-blowing.

If you see the product, you’re like, “What? I have never seen that before! That’s awesome!”

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It has the “wow” factor: Winning dropshipping product example

Maybe if you’re a bit older and you’re reading this then you might not see it, but younger people could really get a “wow” from this! It’s not a product you usually see.

2) Not easy to find in normal retail stores

This one is simple, but most of the time overlooked by a lot of dropshippers.

Most successful dropshipping products are products that are not normally found in retail stores.

Well, this at least counts for people that dropship from China because why would people wait 2-4 weeks to get a product that they can buy in their retail store next door as well?

If your shipping time is faster, then this wouldn’t be as much of a problem, but only if you have a selling point.

For example, why would they want to buy their toilet paper at your online store instead of their normal retail store? Is it because you offer special pricing? A chance to win something bigger than toilet paper?

All I’m saying with that is that if you’re going to sell products that people can easily buy nearby, you should have a unique selling point; why should people buy with you instead of their nearby store? Be creative!

For example:

Would you wait for 2-4 weeks for a sandwich maker that you can also buy in the store next door?

I don’t think so…

But what if it’s a special sandwich maker, that you never saw before and is also in your favorite color? Would you care if it says you might need to wait for 2-4 weeks before it’s in your house?

Also, most limited products have a “wow” factor as well because most people have never seen these products before.

Not easy to find in stores: Winning dropshipping product example

Yes, these are electronic products, but have you ever seen these products in your normal retail store?

You can learn here why you need to be careful with electronic products.

Or, if you want a simpler example, what about color-changing toilet paper instead of normal toilet paper?

Most retail stores have normal toilet paper, right?

Well… now you’re selling color-changing toilet paper, and nobody can find that in their normal retail store!

Of course, this is just an example. I don’t think color-changing toilet paper exists, haha!

3) Good profit margins

This is a big one.

If your product doesn’t have good profit margins, it might not be the right product to dropship for you.

If you want to learn how to price your products correctly, then you can click here to learn more!

The problem now is that if you price your dropshipping product correctly and it brings the total, for example, to $25, then that might seem alright, right?

But what if your product was a dog toy? Or an anti-stress toy?

Do you still think the price seems okay?

This is called perceived value.

One last example, would you rather buy a $39 watch or a $39 towel?

Or what do you think looks more expensive? The $19.95 cat toy or the $19.95 painting?

Of course, you could market the cat toy in such a way that its perceived value is much higher (like: “Get this limited edition cat toy now. It’s signed by the president himself!”) .

The bottom line: if your product gets a higher price than you think that that product is worth after you correctly priced your product, then this might not be the correct product for you!

For your profit margins, try to find a product that you can sell for at least $20 (or $19.95) with a 2.5x – 3x markup!

For example, your total costs of the product with shipping is $8. If you can sell that product now for $24.95, you have a 3x markup!

Good profit margins: Winning dropshipping product example

You probably know this dropshipping product example already, but it’s the moon lamp!

As you can see at the bottom at “Sales”, people made a lot of money selling these lamps. Just look at that profit margin!

And don’t forget this lamp also has other factors of a winning product. Like a “wow” factor and it not easy to find in normal retail stores.

4) Solves a problem or a pain point

This one is also pretty big!

If your product solves a problem that someone, or preferably multiple people, have, then that’s an awesome indicator of a winning product.

For niche dropshipping stores, does your target audience have any problems?

People that own general dropshipping stores can find any product that solves a problem for someone. They don’t have to search for products for specific people.

Solves a problem: Winning dropshipping product example

What problem do people have when going to the beach?

They lay on their blanket, and sand is everywhere!

With this product, that problem is in the past; the sand will go through their blanket.

5) Makes life simpler and easier

This one is fairly easy to understand.

Could your product make someone’s life easier?

Could it save someone time in their daily routine, for example?

If so, that’s a great indicator of a winning product!

Makes lives easier: Winning dropshipping product example

This could save the mom (or dad) time in their daily routine when their baby is sick!

But yeah, not sure if it works. It looks funny though!

Are you getting out of the shower?


Just wait an hour before your hair is dry, right?

Not anymore with this towel! Your hair will be dry in 5 minutes!

This will make someone’s life easier for sure.

6) Is it the perfect dropshipping size?

This one is for people that are dropshipping from China.

Dropshipping from China is popular because of ePacket.

You can send the order with ePacket from China to your customer really fast, but ePacket has it’s package size limitations.

However, due to everything that is going on in the world (Covid-19), this has changed a bit; you can find more information about using ePacket in 2023 here.

You can learn more here about why big products are better to be avoided dropshipping!

7) It isn’t on my products to avoid dropshipping list

Please take some time to read my other article here.

It contains 13 products that you should avoid when dropshipping.

These products could get you into legal or financial problems later on!

8) Are there any competitors doing well with this product?

This one is for you if you’re doing product research by researching other dropshipping stores.

For example, go to the Facebook page of that dropshipping store and see what Facebook Ads they are running.

Are any of their Facebook Ads having great engagements? With, for example, a lot of likes and comments with: “I want that! *tags friend*”.

If so, that’s a great indicator that that product is a winning product!

Also, ask your self this question: would anyone still advertise a product that has, for example, a lot of video views on their Facebook Ad if they are not profitable?

If you’re checking for a specific product, it might be a bit hard going from dropshipping store to dropshipping store to find the same product, but you could also use Google!

See if any other dropshipping store is selling the same product and then look at their social media profiles (like Facebook) to see if they are still advertising that product.

9) Ask people

The last factor is not about the product itself.

This factor is going to be for if you’ve found a product that you think could be a winning product (if it’s positive for one or more of these factors above), and you want to be more sure about it.

Ask your friends / family if they are interested in buying the product.

Just show them some awesome images of the product and see how they respond.

If you don’t want to ask any friends / family, you could also ask yourself if you would buy the product.

Don’t forget that it might be hard to answer that question if your product is in a specific niche; you wouldn’t likely buy something out of your own niche!

If your product falls in a niche, it would be perfect if you could find someone that is interested in the niche of that product and see their reaction!

Doing this step will get you a lot of opinions about the product.

Maybe you could even ask the people that like the product if they would buy it at the price that you’re thinking of selling the product at.

You could even ask them for more suggestions. The sky is the limit with friends and family!

One last thing to note, although friends and family are great to ask, keep in mind that because they are friends or family, it might be hard for them to be negative. So, finding a complete stranger might be even better.

Winning dropshipping products: How to be sure that the product is winning

Now that I have covered some things to look at to see if a product could be a winning product or not, it’s time to test the product to be even more sure if the product is going to sell.

Personally, I think testing on PPE, if you’re using Facebook Ads, is the best method to get the most data for the least amount of money!

But if you don’t want to read another article right now, I will explain it briefly here.

You create PPE ad-sets on the targeting you want to test.

You then put the daily budget on $5, and you let it run for a day.

After that, you look at the data and see which ad-set(s) performed better. I will explain more about what to look at in the article I’ve linked above.

Awesome, right?

This way you will save so much money.

Getting started with dropshipping in 2023

So, are you ready to get started with dropshipping? Or maybe you have already started, but you’re looking to get some inspiration?

If so, I suggest reading my complete Shopify dropshipping guide!

It’s a huge article, but it contains everything that you need to know to create your own Shopify dropshipping store in 2023. It’s like a dropshipping course, but for free!

Reading this article will help you to get started and stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!


There you have it! 9 awesome ways to see if a product could be a winning product or not.

I hope this article helped you with your quest to find winning dropshipping products, and don’t forget to read my other article here about how to find winning dropshipping products!

The article currently contains 15 product research methods.

And do you know what the best thing about it is?

Most of these product research methods are free to use!

If you’ve got any questions regarding dropshipping, let me know by commenting below or contacting me directly by pressing the “Contact Us” button at the top!

Good luck with your product research!